A Challenge Is The Right Opportunity

Life is a journey full of hurdles, challenges and learnings. There will be setbacks, failures and losses. Yet, it is upon you to either fall down from that hurdle or use it as an opportunity to build a stronger version of yourself. As long as life goes on, not once will you face a time period where there will be no challenges to overcome. What we fail to realize is that a challenge usually comes with a hidden opportunity when we try our level best to overcome it. Every challenge you overcome will open doors of new prospects of life for you. We tend to hesitate when it comes to taking a challenge head on, but when one does so, they always go a step higher in life. These challenges are not limited to academia but an approach to life’s everyday activities as well.

The 2020 Challenge

COVID 19 can be labelled as the biggest challenge of the year 2020. Some persevered in this trial whereas some let the best of themselves be affected by it. Your attitude in turning a challenge into a learning opportunity, once embedded in your lifestyle, turns the tables of success for you. We’ve seen brands, companies and individuals adapting to the lockdown. Most of them, rather than considering it only a challenge, decided to take the new normal head on. Every life had been affected and what one chose to do with the ample time that they had on their hands came from how they take forward their life. Exploit a challenge or be exploited by it. For some, COVID-19 gave them the breather that they needed to put their life back on track. The people who used the quarantine would not have been able to extract any positives to their life had they not utilized this as an opportunity. This utilization of the challenge and converting it into an opportunity ranged from self-care, learning to new language, improving skills or even just taking the time out of how congested life had become to have a peaceful mind. We should never be frightened or be cowed down by any challenge looming in front of us. Being stressed about it is quite normal, being petrified is quite normal but do not let these emotions overcome you so much that you fail to lift yourself out of the abyss. Challenges are blessings in disguise, they bring the best out of us.
Divide segments of your life into setting short term goals, priorities and achievements that mean the greatest to your life. Most importantly, never victimize yourself because this is that one trait that cripples individuals’ ability to move ahead despite what life throws at them.
According to Robbie Keane, ‘Sometimes, you need different things in life, you need different challenges that will give you that little boost.’

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