About Us

Global Digital Opportunity Platform for Youth Development

WHo we are

Oppnest is a global digital youth development platform aiming to create a network of connectivity between individuals looking for opportunities and companies providing them. We bridge the gap between the seekers and the providers, the talent and the opportunity. Our platform is an educational website that provides a quick and user-friendly access to unlimited opportunities such as jobs, scholarships, grants, funding opportunities, guidelines from field professionals and much more.

our vision

We envision to form a globally connected youth community with ease of access to information such as international opportunities, guidance and mentoring related to scholarship programs, grant proposals, job applications and skill-based courses. We will empower the youth through direct communication with opportunity providers and recruiters as they are young leaders of the coming age.

our mission

To align our goals with the SDG 4.7 i.e. ensuring sustainable knowledge and skill development through education. Thus, we have vowed to build a convenient access of global opportunities in the form of education, international exposure, skills, training, and employment etc. for youth and their development. Oppnest strives each day to facilitate this mission of translating every opportunity into lifelong success.

Our Work Module

We follow an organic process which ensures that the best opportunities from specified fields come across all concerned individuals. This entire mechanism is made to be at the ease of our users. The whole portal is interlinked to ensure that not a single chance or new opportunity is missed by deserving individuals.

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