Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of Oppnest are in place for the benefit of our members, users, mentors and the portal. Oppnest, at its sole discretion, reserves the complete right to terminate the account of any member or user who is caught in violation of our terms and conditions without prior notice.

Fraudulent Activities: Users who are found to be working with multiple accounts and are indulgent in fraudulent activities with other members, our mentors or our companies who present opportunities will have their accounts and domains terminated as well as blocked without notice.

Unlawful Activities: All members are prohibited to present Oppnest’s opportunities on any other web pages with a copyright claim of their own or domains objectionable with Oppnest. The data you acquire is strictly prohibited to be used on unlawful sites such as but not limited to, pornography, prostitution, obscenity, computer viruses or spam etc.

Cyber Laws: All international cyber laws are applicable and in use by our portal which is why our members shall follow them as well and all agreements shall be decided under the international cyber protection laws.

Data Privacy: Oppnest will never deliver any sort of personal information about its members to anyone without their authorization or unless required by the third-party company for hiring/availing opportunity or it is required for legal purposes.

Third-Party Accountability: Oppnest is in no way to be held accountable for any company’s policies. However, if a company on our website is indulgent in fraudulent activities, we shall take all necessary legal actions.

Modification of Terms: Oppnest reserves the right to add, update, modify, or change the terms and conditions of our portal without notice.

Membership Liabilities: If our member is found to be active in cheating or fraudulent activities, their accounts will be suspended by our administrators anytime. Their account is not to be used by other members.

Membership Withdrawal: Membership accounts at Oppnest are voluntary and thus may be canceled at any time by the member themselves. We will only suspend the account if we believe it is involved in unethical dealings.

Communication for Contact: We act as a bridge for your communication with the company that is offering the opportunity. Thus, Oppnest will not be responsible for any of the terms negotiated between the company and the seeker.

Harmful Intentions: Any user who engages in chatting, emailing, or any other content that is deemed damaging to Oppnest and or its community will be suspended. But depending on the seriousness of the situation, we may deem it appropriate to take legal action.

Stay UpToDate: It is the responsibility of our members to keep their personal records up to date and provide the third party with their correct information. Oppnest will not be responsible for communication error due to incorrect information.

Modification Rights: We have the right to change, cancel/end any offers or opportunities at our sole discretion. We will do our best to keep you notified.

Copyright Protection: All branding material such as our logos, graphics contained within the portal or the content we offer are of copyright use. The distribution or copying of our materials is strictly prohibited.

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