Established in October 2002, The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program, commonly known just as the YES Program, is one of the most popular exchange programs for children between the ages of 15 and 17. It aims to build a strong relationship with countries around the world, especially those with a majority Muslim population. The students selected for the YES Program spend one academic year in the United States of America and serve as ‘youth ambassadors’ of their home country.

Among other reasons, here are the two most notable ones you need to apply for this program!


A Chance to Grow Personally and Professionally

Living in Pakistan, you rarely get to experience a rapid personal growth. Our cultural setting is such that we are highly dependent on our family and friends and that hinders us from experiencing new things and living life on our own terms. YES Program gives you a chance to live abroad on your own. You will encounter various situations where you would have to step up and make decisions that will affect your future. It is daunting and it is risky, but it is also a chance for you to get out of your comfort zone and test your abilities. You will not only learn the art of communication, you will also acquire new skills along the way such as tolerance, adaption, and compromise. These skills will stick with you for life then. When you come back to your home country, you will feel like a new energized person ready to take on any challenge thrown your way.


Experience a New Environment

As a teenager, you have big dreams. YES Program is a way for you to live your dream of living in a new country where you get to be the best version of yourself. The new environment you get to experience is not only refreshing, it is highly encouraging. You start to grow confident. The culture of the U.S. is also such that it promotes individuality. You will get to grasp a better understanding of things that were simple in your hometown but not in this new country. This new environment also brings with it new food, new attires, and new friends. To top it all off, as you merge in the new atmosphere you realize that there are so many misconceptions that are damaging the progress between your home country and U.S. You get a chance to become an advocate and spread positivity.


The application process for the YES Program is very simple and direct. With a little confidence and belief in yourself, you can make it all the way through and get to spend a year in the wondrous U.S.A.

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