The holy grail of a master’s program, The Chevening Scholarship, is now open! But why is it deemed such a prestigious scholarship program? Why should you apply to it? How will it benefit you? Well, let’s get right into the details of this scholarship program that you mustn’t miss at any cost!


An overview

The Chevening Scholarship program thrives as one of the most prestigious programs of the world with its extremely competitive selection process, inclusion of world-class knowledge in all programs, character development of each individual to make them future leaders of the world, an extremely successful alumni network with alumni as leaders all over the world and much more. All the Chevening scholars are built upon through academic as well as professional growth. They receive extensive networking opportunities from around the world and are always given preference to given their strength in academia and character. These individuals are prepared to be no less than leaders of the world. Moreover, one gets to experience life in UK, build lasting relations which impact a person’s network as well and receive knowledge from a different perspective of the world. 


A glance at history

With its commencement in 1983 as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Awards Scheme (FCOAS), it is a scholarship program that is completely funded by the British government. With focused objectives to build a network of leaders around the world, the Chevening Program takes responsibility of its students’ character development as well. The scholarship program has over 60,000 applicants every year out of which around 1800 individuals are selected. Chevening has managed to build a network of over 50,000 professionals that have studied in the UK through Chevening. In 2004, a sideways fellowship scheme of Chevening was also launched and still runs today with an aim of providing better opportunities to develop for the people already in the job market. 


Benefits for you

Chevening has enabled tens of thousands of scholars to have an opportunity to transform their career lives, build a vast network, develop a strong character to face the world as leaders and be at the receiving end of endless opportunities that would’ve seemed unachievable without the program. Chevening will transform your life. After the program, since you become an alumni of Chevening, you are representing both Chevening as well as your home country. Thus, it is encouraged to go back to your country and work for two years for sustainable development in opposition to many programs asking you to stay in the host country and contribute. The Chevening scholars are inculcated with such academic, character and professional training that an individual grows to be the best of themselves. They learn to achieve more and have confidence in themselves. Moreover, the program builds cherished memories of  positive relationships, cultural exploration, and a rooted understanding of world matters which open up a new horizon of opportunities from around the world for you. 


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