Considering that the whole world has been affected by the pandemic situation, the Chevening program has also adapted the necessary changes to ensure that the program moves on but with high safety precautions. Read our article below for all the policy changes and updates that have been made due to COVID-19. For more information we have provided links of the official pages at the end.


Contact your university firsthand 

Different universities have adapted different policies to start the upcoming academic year. Most universities are continuing with online classes but it is still advisable to contact your university and ask them about the details of their policies. If your course isn’t running, other options that are also part of the Chevening program will be offered. As for the stipend, a scholar will receive their monthly stipend till the course’s end date after signing an agreement ensuring that the applicant will complete their course. Most questions will be answered through your university mainly. 


Consult Chevening’s travel provider

Although scholars were allowed to book their flights on their own and be reimbursed, the Chevening officials now ask you to directly consult Chevening’s travel provider, Diversity Travel. They are more knowledgeable on all travel restrictions and the best routes. But if you still want to book your own flight then contact your program officer.  

Visit their website with the following link;


Stipends are still being given

If your concern is regarding Chevening giving you your allowance and other expenses, then worry not as stipends will still be given to the students. A contract entailing your assurance of completion of the program will be a necessary requirement. Some other allowances might be cut such as accommodation. For more details ask the relevant authority at your university. 


Extra information of the program:

You are no longer required to give an English language test for the year 2020/2021. Though it is advisable to still contact your university any other additional requirements. Later in the year, if international students do come, they will be required to quarantine for two weeks. 


You will still be part of a world-class learning experience

The pandemic has definitely affected how the program will function but do not for a second believe that this will affect your future prospects into becoming a leader of the world as part of an extraordinary community. You will instead be treated as the most resilient batch of Chevening. 


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