Along with courses covering almost every field of study, Coursera has also introduced specializations that can lead to an official certification from the associated university as they work in partnership with leading universities from around the globe.



Development, Business, IT and software, Design, Marketing, Personal Development, Photography & Music are a few of the many famous course categories of Udemy. The feature varies depending on the course but can include quizzes, closed captions, bookmarks, reviews, and instructor announcements.



With LinkedIn Learning video courses, you get a one-month free trial to see if this method works for you. Subscription has three monthly InMails for members outside of your network, job applicant insights concerning competition and job skills, company Insights such as trends, hires and leadership changes, salary insights so you can evaluate your opportunities, expert content on job preparation with top job interview questions, and of course, unlimited access to all content from LinkedIn Learning. The platform itself has features like set weekly goals to keep you on track, access your progress of multiple courses at the same time and start where you left off, the full transcript of every single video within a course.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class, and personalized learning resource for all ages.  To use Khan Academy, you don’t even need an account. As a website, Khan Academy is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. There are thousands of resources available to choose from.



Udacity’s unique teaching method includes real-world projects designed with industry experts. It offers Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Science, Programming and many more industry-specific programs, which are recognized by hiring



Skillshare is known to be a platform for creatives but it also caters to other fields. They have divided their classes into 4 categories: Creative, Technology, Business, and Lifestyle and has over 27,000 classes. Some unique features of skillshare are the team-based courses. These are designed for businesses to help them with team-building exercises and efficiency management.



Domestika is one of the largest creative community. It is a place for creative resources, discussions, and promotion, in which learning creative disciplines is key. Illustrations, design, photography, video, marketing, and business are a few of the many courses available with certification.


General Assembly

General Assembly focuses on education in design, business, and technology. They provide courses in today’s most in-demand skills. When you learn with GA, you get an award-winning curriculum, expert instructors, a global community of over 70,000, career results from leading-edge tech courses, with mentorship each step of the way.


Bloc is a web development and web design platform with an intensive option for those who want to learn quickly. Learn fundamentals, frontend, and backend web development and how to research, design, and build for modern web applications with structured, optimized technical & career curriculum.


Iversity is a Germany based MOOC provider that offers a variety of courses in English, German, Russian, and Italian. Iversity works directly with professors instead of through universities to provide its high-quality courses in multiple different languages. For example, contemporary architecture is taught by an internationally known professor rather than an institute.

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